DILI----The Minister of Finance (MoF) Rui Augusto Gomes, accompanied by Vice-Minister of Finance, Sara Lobo Brites and the President of the Special Administrative Region Authority of Oé-Cusse Ambeno (RAEOA – ZEESM), Arsénio Paixão Bano, officially launched the utilization of the Government Resource Planning (GRP) with users from the Authority of RAEOA – ZEESM.

Going forward, the Authority of RAEOA– ZEESM will be able to use the system provided by the Central Government through the Ministry of Finance and will begin implementing its 2021 budget according to their planned programs and activities. This official inauguration of the utilization of GRP wasan important milestone for the Ministry and the Authority in the context of fiscal and public financial management reforms.

It wouldalso help both the Ministry and the Authority to promote the transparency and accountability and as a means to respondto the concerns raised by the National Parliament and Audit Court related to the budget execution within the public administration.

Prior to the launching of the GRP system, Minister Rui Augusto Gomes accompanied by Vice-Minister Sara L. Britesand President Arsénio P. Bano also signed the official protocol to facilitate the central government through the Ministry of Finance to transfer the 2021 allocated budget to the dedicated account of theAuthority of RAEOA – ZEESM.

In hisremarks, Minister Rui Augusto Gomes recognized theefforts made by the technical staff from the Ministry of Finance under the stewardship of Vice-Minister of Finance Dra. Sara Lobo Brites and the Authority. Minister also especially acknowledged the efforts of Vice-Minister of Finance for her leadership in training the staff from RAEOA on the use of GRP system.

Further, on the same occasion, Minister Gomes also thanked the former Prime Minister and President of the Authority, Mari Alkatiri and the current President, Arsénio Bano for their initial and continued supports, which eventually contributes to the official employment of the GRP system launched today.

President Arsénio Bano commented that the GRP system is good for budget transparency and accountability, to monitor every dollar spent that is intent to improve the lives of Atoni people in particular and Timorese’s in general. Between November and December 2020, staff from the Ministry of Finance visited RAEOA and conducted the Financial Management training to the technicalstaff from the office ofRAEOA – ZEESM. Topics covered thee-Services, ASYCUDA and the GRP system.

The training modules for the latter one includes the financial, procurement, contract management, treasury management as well as the performance budgeting modules. After attending the training, technical staff from the RAEOA-ZEESM were able to operate the GRP systemi. e . the actual process of the daily financial transactions.

The Ministry of Financeis committed to continue providing the technical assistance to the Authority through on the job training and refresher training to ensure a successful implementation and the sustainability of the program thereafter. (BT)